Why You Shouldn't Take Tarot Card Readings Too Seriously

A tarot card reading is meant for entertainment purposes only. That is why you pay the tarot card reader prior to the reading. You also should not take readings too seriously; they are just for fun. Here is why you should take a lighthearted approach to this form of entertainment.

Most Questions Asked Are Always the Same

Tarot card readers know that the three questions you are probably going to ask are about love, money/career, and misfortune/death. These are the only things people want most to know, and the draw of the tarot cards is entirely subjective. The tarot reader can deal and place the cards down in the usual manner, and depending on what you want to know, the tarot reader attempts to discern and interpret the randomly-selected cards in front of him/her. If the exact same batch of cards are placed on the table and you wanted to know something different, the tarot reader would use the same approach and provide a different answer to match your question. (It is similar to playing with a "Magic 8" ball toy; ask any question, shake the ball and flip for the random answer.)

Reshuffle, Deal, and Get a Different Answer

Although people associate mysticism or the "black arts" with tarot, tarot cards are not magic at all. They are  just cards. If a tarot reading is interpreted one way, and you shuffle the cards and deal them onto the table the same way, you are guaranteed to get an entirely different set of cards. An entirely different interpretation of the cards results. It would be the same if you shuffled and played with any other deck of cards.

The Advice You Seek You Already Know the Answer To

Some people go to a tarot reader for advice. However, you already know the answers to the questions you have. Talking out loud with anyone, whether it is a tarot reader, a bartender, your best friend, or a pastor/priest, always results in people knowing what they should do.

Sometimes people have gone through all of the other people in their list of contacts, but they do not like the advice they heard and want confirmation from total strangers. Tarot card readers are not likely to supply the answers you really want because they are not mind readers, nor can they see into the future. They just deal tarot cards for a living and attempt to entertain you with "the mysteries of the universe, unseen, unknown, etc.".

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