How Cremation Affects Your Choices When Creating A Funeral Pre-Plan

Nearly half of the population is soon expected to choose cremation over a full body burial. One reason is that it expands the choices you have when pre-planning your funeral. Some of the choices may be financial while others are for your family's convenience. If you're considering being cremated, here are some of the ways that it impacts the choices you make in your funeral pre-plan.

How Your Physical Body is Handled

The funeral home can hold your body for just a few days and then must do something with it. They can embalm your body to prepare it for a viewing service or bury it in a casket right away without embalming. This gives your family just a few short days to organize the funeral service and get notices out to friends and family members.

You can choose to be cremated shortly after your death. The remains after the cremation, called cremains, are returned to your family. These can safely be kept for days or weeks as your family makes the necessary funeral arrangements. This gives your family more time to fulfill your final wishes.

Casket or Other Burial Container

Without cremation, your choice is limited to purchasing a casket for your body and being buried in a full-sized cemetery plot. Depending on the local and cemetery regulations, you may also need to purchase a concrete vault to go into the grave before your casket is interred.

When choosing cremation, you can also be buried in a casket. But you have additional options, such as:

  • Your family can keep your cremains in an urn or other ornamental container.
  • Your cremains can be buried in a smaller plot in a special place in the cemetery.
  • Your urn can be locked away in a special niche in a cemetery columbarium.
  • Your cremains can be scatter over a favorite spot out in nature.

Planning for the Unexpected

Cremation also makes it easier on your family should you pass away when out of town. If you travel frequently, there is an increased chance that your final moments will occur when away from home. Without cremation, your family must make special arrangements to have your body shipped back home for the funeral and burial. When you choose to be cremated in your funeral pre-plan, that can be done wherever your body happens to be when you pass away. The remains can then easily be shipped back to your family.

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