5 Practical Tips To Encourage Bible Study As A Christian Youth Minister To Teens

When you are ministering to a group of young people, it can be a difficult feat to hold their attention long enough to hear what you say when in class, let alone encourage them to study the bible once they are on their own. Bible study is a huge part of becoming a devoted Christian, so if you truly want to make an impression on the lives of young people, it is important to find a way to make bible study work for them. There are a few practical tips to encourage young people to study the bible as a Christian youth minister. 

1. Get them interested in specific bible characters. - The bible is rich in colorful characters from start to finish. Some of these characters were actually young adults that the teens will likely be able to relate to. Get teens excited about studying by introducing them to some of the characters that have an interesting story to tell. 

2. Take advantage of the need to fellowship with others - Even with teenagers, fellowship is important. They need to feel like they belong in a group and when they learn a little about the bible, they have something they can discuss with people who have similar interests. Encourage groups to study together so it can be discussed in class and encourage an open dialog between the teens in the class about their opinions after studying.

3. Send the teens on a search for important information. - Instead of giving a full story during a teaching session, leave out certain factors. Encourage the teens to find the rest of the story on their own so it can be discussed the next time you meet. 

4. Implement a rewards program for those who do study. - Assign reading, encourage learning specific verses, and even give quizzes. For those who do the best in class, create a rewards program. Teens may be young adults, but good rewards are often still enticing enough to be an encouraging tool to use. 

5. Introduce teens to listening to the bible. - Teenagers are often busy people. between school, first jobs, and socializing, they may have a hard time finding time to read as much as they could. remind your students that they can also listen to the bible when they're too busy to sit down with a book. There are handy apps that you can get for your phone, mostly for free, that read the bible aloud. 

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