3 Tasteful Tactics To Save Money On Buying A Headstone

When someone you care for dies, you may not feel compelled to look for savings or pursue less costly options in regards to their burial expenses. There are some areas of a burial that you could save money on, including the choice of grave markers or headstones that you select. While you may want to convey elegance or a sense of importance with the headstone, you could memorialize the departed in a big way but for a lot less money.

Three ways to save money, but not compromise good taste, are:

Deliver and set the stone yourself.

Sometimes, simply picking up the grave marker or headstone and placing it in position yourself will save quite a bit on burial expenses. Certainly, this may not be the best way to curb costs when choosing a large, particularly heavy headstone. This may be the best savings approach for those choosing simple grave markers, such as those found in a family plot surrounding a larger headstone, tomb, or monument.

Seek stone at area quarries.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to visit stone quarries in your region to select and purchase stone for your headstone at a discount. This also gives you a lot of room to be creative and distinctive with your choice of stone. You will need to transport the stone to an area stone-cutter to be polished, engraved, and prepared to be put on a grave.

Create your own marker.

Another approach that is being embraced is the do-it-yourself method, which involves making your own headstone to be placed on site. This is a very cost-friendly approach, as the materials for making a concrete grave marker are quite inexpensive.

To make your own grave marker, use these tips:

  • Use a wooden framed screen to pour your concrete into the shape and size of your desired headstone.
  • Invest in inexpensive stamp letters to be pressed into the wet concrete to convey the deceased's name, birthdate, and other vital information.
  • Make sure that your concrete is a thick consistency to maintain the stamped impressions. It is recommended that you strive to reach the consistency of peanut butter.

It is natural to want to do the best for the individual that has passed, and this may include springing for the most expensive and extravagant headstone possible. However, you may find that selecting your own stone or opting to make your own custom grave marker is a fitting tribute that is admired by those paying their respects. For more information, visit Palmer Bros Granite Co.

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